aocYearly Advent of Code work. 8 months
apusA miniature web browser. 16 months
bambooA simple web browser from scratch. Loosely based on 24 months
caronteUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
chrysanthemumA blossoming language. 12 months
dictionariumA speedy, offline, command-line dictionary. 13 months
fibthe fibonacci only you would give me 12 months
helix-extA fork of the Helix editor with various inactive and rejected patches applied. 3 months
mechanicalsVarious implementations of the lambda calculus and friends.
misccursed little programs 12 months
pakkuA pacman wrapper with AUR support. 4 years
puckSome notes on a language I'm probably never going to write. 7 weeks
quinceNotes on what a fully structurally typed language with effects might look like.
sticksA simple static site generator based on Hakyll
thunar-folder-thumbnailsGenerate custom thumbnails for folders with Tumbler, a thumbnailer for Thunar. 24 months
thunar-stl-thumbnailsGenerate thumbnails for STLs with Tumbler. 24 months
vim-heresyheresy.vim: Make Vim behave more like a "normal" editor (personal fork) 2 years